Colletti's Computers

Web videos you remember.

What's Colletti's Computers?

Colletti's Computers started as a 5-star computer technical support, computer repair shop, and system builder. However, I decided to retire those services and focus all my time and energy into using my digital art skills to create graphic designs and videos, so today Colletti's Computers is a powerhouse graphic design and video production Studio. And the reason why I did not change the business's name to something like Colletti's Digital Media is because Colletti's Computers is a trusted, established brand and very much still deals with computers.

Why your business needs a video

YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. If your business does not have a video, every day you're losing sales:

+ Video can improve conversion rates up to 85%.
+ Video sent inside an e-mail increases click-through rates up to 300%.
+ Video generates 60% of web traffic.
+ Video is embedded on the websites of over 70% of online retailers.
+ Video is more than 50% likely to show on the first page of Google Search.

You have 15 seconds or less to grab a visitor's attention and convert them from a visitor to a paid customer. Text is boring. You need a professional web video that's entertaining, clear, and straight to the point. Your video can be in almost any style, from an animated explainer, to a kinetic typography, to a music video. All videos are in US or UK English. Please know there will be a 15-second credit at the end of your video, which does not count towards the length of your video. You own all rights to your video but agree to allow me to share your video in my portfolio, which is free advertising for your business. 

How it works

It's simple. Tell me what you need and send me your materials including company or author name, company logo, company tagline, company history, product or service description, job title, script, video, audio (music, sound effects, or voice-overs), photos, graphics, sketches, website address, e-mail address, business phone and fax number, cell phone number, or business mailing address. (If you don't have some of those, I'll create them. ) Then I take all of them, throw in some special effects, possible animations, and render a masterpiece. I'll send you a rough cut so you can see if it's something you love. If you're not happy with it, I'll keep making revisions as long as they keep with the original vision.  I render all videos in SD (640 x 480) using WMV file format because they're small files and even older computers can watch them without lag. But if you want HD (1920 x 1080p) or another file format, just ask.

System Consultation
While I no longer physically build client systems, I'm still happy to provide expert consulting services to help you build your own perfect PC. It's easy. You tell me what you want to do with your new computer, and I will use my expertise to select the proper parts that meet your exact needs and budget. Are you a PC gamer? Will you just be browsing the Web, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, checking  your e-mail and social media accounts, and working with Microsoft Office? Do you want to edit videos, or stream live video feeds? Will you be working with large databases from a server or datacenter? I do all the hard work for you, including verifying peak performance and compatibility, and compiling all the new software, drivers, and support documentation for your new system.

Why Colletti's Computers?

Honest, high-quality, and fast service at a fair price and excellent customer care. Just e-mail me if you have a question, and I'll respond within 24 hours. And I will never share or sell your personal information with or to a third party.